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FARE, spol. s r.o.
Brumovská 1031
766 01 Valašské Klobouky
E-mail: marketing@fare.cz
ID No.: 46343784
VAT No.: CZ46343784

 Tel.: 577 320 640


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Let's play with FARE

Let's play with us! We have prepared this card matching game for you.

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Home shoes – FAREČKY in sizes 30-35 have just been made

Those who belong to our regular customers certainly have been waiting for our third level sizes of FAREČKY. And now we have a great news for you! Home wear FAREČKY in sizes 30-35 are now available.
We would like to remind you that these shoes are healthy shoes. They have a counter for the right position of feet. These are commonly used in leather shoes.



Iraq liked FARE shoes

   Surely our fans will be interested in the fact that shoes from Valašské Klobouky are wanted in far away Iraq.


Shoes for the winter season 2011/2012 - the new collection is being finished

     FARE company will bring a lot of news on the market for the new season. While marketing part of the company is finishing with the new web sites, works on the new collection for the winter 2011/2012 are getting into their final phase. New catalogue for the season autumn-winter 2011/2012 will contain nearly 60 new shoe patterns. It is necessary to fine-tune a lot of things till the gates of the fair trade KABO in Brno open on 15 th February 2011. And as traditionally the new collection of FARE company for the season autumn-winter 2011/2012 will be introduced here on this forum. We want to show you some samples from this new collection to show you that there are a lot of things you can look forward to.


Welcome at the new websites of FARE company.

   Today we have started up our new websites. We believe that all of you, who like shopping from your homes and also those of you who look for news, catalogues, shops or any information about FARE company Valašské Klobouky, will really be pleased.
   The main aim of this change is to modernize the look of our web presentation and also make them well-arranged and easier to use. As well as managing of our new e-shop which should be more pleasant and practical. As it goes about quite difficult reconstruction, we would like to ask you about patience till everything is excellent.
   We also would like to ask you about your cooperation with us – when you see some imperfections, or you have any suggestions how to improve these websites, please, let us know : marketing@fare.cz

Thank you very much for understanding and we wish you nice time spending on our websites www.fare.cz

FARE, ltd. team



My first shoes


    Probably all parents look forward to putting on first shoes to their children. Maybe we take this like symbology – the first shoes for the first steps into the life.



Women´s shoes  4311402  : Textilní obuv, šněrovací, maximálně ohebná a prodyšná. Svršek obuvi je z bavlněného, olemovaného textilu v kombinaci s čalounickou usní na špici. Předností je vyjímatelná vkládací stélka, pevný opatek i špice a podešev  z termoplastického  kaučuku, která je lehká a velmi dobře ohebná.
Women´s shoes 4311402
17.59 € (inc. of VAT)

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