FARE ltd. was founded in the year 1991 when it began with labour hired. First it went about working for some italian shoe companies and later, after having achieved professional level, the main customer was an austrian company which by its instant requirements for order and quality was the best teacher for FARE ltd.

Meanwhile there was the next programme being developed in FARE ltd. At first the programme of children´s shoes appeared and during few months this was extended about men´s shoes and later on also about boyish and girlish shoes. The company focused on the developing and production of the casual yearlong, winter and summer shoes.

Collection of FARE shoes has now more than 400 models mainly in the full-leather design.

The company is situated in quiet surrounding of the town Valašské Klobouky in Zlín region in the Czech Republic. This region is famous for its tradition of shoe production for more than 100 years. The flunder of this tradition was the world known Tomáš Baťa.



FARE, spol. s r.o.
Brumovská 1031, 766 01
Valašské Klobouky
IČ: 46343784
DIČ: CZ46343784

E-mail: marketing@fare.cz


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